Creativity continues to develop systems suitable for different locations, depending on the requirements of the environment.

Offices and showrooms:

When durability and elegance are required, MAGIECHEM has the system for you. Offices and showrooms are very demanding places. We offer both seamless and decorative glossy floors with quartz aggregate or vinyl flakes. We also offer a mixture of different metallic colors on which is applied a protective layer, with our MAGIECHEM 300UV (latest creation with nanotechnology) against UV rays, or a layer of poly aspartic (hybrid between epoxy and urethane ) MAGIECHEM 835UV.


When abrasion resistance and resilience are required, nothing can match our MAGIECHEM 9461 colored epoxy or our MAGIECHEM 9256 clear epoxy. Both of these products have an internal compressive strength of 32 MPa (4640 PSI). This system can be protected against UV rays by using an aliphatic polyurethane finish.